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Holiday glow set collection

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Unveil radiant, Illuminated skin.

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Discover our Ultimate Essentials Collection, your go-to for festive radiance. Our curated anti-aging set promises a luminous, vibrant complexion. This Christmas, give the gift of glowing skin with Truth Treatment Systems – perfect for friends, family, or a personal treat. Celebrate beauty this holiday season.

 Truth Treatment Systems Holidays Set Includes:

  •  Hyaluronic Honey Cleanser 60ml.
  • Mini Trifecta 5ml
  • Hyaluronic Honey Mask
  • Electrolite Facial Mask (1 unit)
  • Travel Bag


Hyaluronic Honey Cleanser (60ml)
This ultra-hydrating cleanser is made with enzyme-rich Pure Colorado Honey to nourish skin while providing skin brightening and anti-aging benefits. Hyaluronic Acid helps skin absorb moisture, improving hydration and plumping skin’s surface, leaving skin dramatically soft and smooth.

The Truth Trifecta Mini: (Transdermal C Serum + Hyaluronic Mineral Hydrator + Biomimetic Mineral Mist)

Transdermal C Serum (5ml)
Formulated with an extremely high dose of stable, lipophilic Vitamin C, proven to boost the production of natural moisture factors at the cellular level and help reverse the signs of aging. Our fat-soluble formula features our patented Transdermal Delivery Matrix to penetrate deep into the dermis where collagen and elastin are produced.

Hyaluronic Mineral Hydrator (5ml)
Hydrate and plump skin with pure Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Polyelectrolytes. This concentrated, lightweight gel formula provides a high dose of Hyaluronic Acid for intense hydration at the stratum corneum.

Biomimetic Mineral Mist (5ml)
Is a 100% active hydrating mist that contains a potent fulvic mineral solution for proven anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antioxidant effects. This electrically active mineral solution has a unique capacity for penetration, delivering its benefits deep into skin tissues and into the cells themselves.

Hyaluronic Honey Mask (30ml)
Hyaluronic Honey Mask contains a high concentration of soothing, skin softening water-binding hyaluronic acid, which aids the skin in essential water retention and enhances overall hydration, plumpness, and skin softness. Daily routine.

ElectroLite Facial Mask
Introducing our ElectroLyte Facial Mask, a revolutionary product delivering a synergistic blend of Hyaluronic Acid along with Fulvic and Colloidal Minerals. Designed to replenish your skin's hydration levels, it leaves you with a radiantly plump and luminous appearance.

Truth Travel Bag
Our Branded Bag is spacious enough to fit all of your Truth Treatment Systems staples when you’re on the go! With two different sections and a wide-mouth top, it’s easy to see which product you’re pulling out of the bag like the shaving accessories. The flat bottom makes it easy to stand on a flat surface. Grab yours today!

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