The Amazing Benefits of Chia Seeds You Never Knew About

Remember the Chia Pet, well, the novelty toy from the 1990s is actually the end result of one of the best sources of digestive and nutritional support you can ever use!   Chia seeds are loaded with B-vitamins, minerals and essential fat and they’re a great source of estrogen-balancing and blood-sugar-lowering fiber. If you add ½ a cup of chia seeds to a cup or 2 of almond milk and a little stevia and cinnamon, you’ll have yourself a healthy and diabetic-friendly, delicious chia pudding dessert or snack.   If you want to drop a few pounds, enjoy your chia pudding before meals and you’ll eat a lot less food.  And the Omega fats in Chia seeds are skin softening and have sun protection properties too!